Scott Yancey Live Events

Scott Yancey Events strived to wind up the land master he is today. Before the 2007-08 market crash Yancey and his wife, Amie Yancey, had constructed a little domain creating land and taking in the ins and outs of land. Be that as it may, when the business sector slammed Yancey thought his future in land had gone to a dramatic end.

Yancey’s first response was to withdraw to his getaway home in Mexico and endure the awful financial and land times. In any case, that isn’t in Yancey to simply quit working. He soon understood an immense need to purchase rundown houses that had succumbed to the accident, redesign them, and after that offer the homes to potential purchasers.

As Yancey flipped homes over the Las Vegas scene his prosperity caught the consideration of a couple of extensive broadcasting companies.

Right now, Scott Yancey Live Events and Amie have their own hit show on A&E called, Flipping Vegas. This show not just catches this magnetic couple’s high paced-lives, additionally shows others how to effectively flip a house also. Despite the fact that the business sector crash gave Yancey a startling turn in life he could develop with the constantly changing market and grab an open door that was just pipe dream.


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